Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school and then some

For some reason I really don't understand what has happened to Blogger.  It seems totally different to me.  Have I really been gone that long?  Maybe I have got "up-packing" maddness. I hear it is pretty serious!  Anyways.  I thought I would start with blogging about the kids starting school.  It started last Tuesday the 17th.  My little kiddos are getting so big!  Phoebe started second grade, Kimball is in 1st grade and Warren is stuck at home with me for one more year!  Warren really misses his brother and sister while they are at school.  Phoebe and Kimball are loving school.  They attend a fantastic elementary that is just around the corner.  They walk everyday.  It has been nice with Jake still not in school that he has been able to walk with them.  He has really enjoyed doing that with them.  Warren is more then happy to walk with them.  He usually gets to stop at the playground on the way home.  The one thing that is strange about this school is the time.  Maybe I am just use to Hill Field, but this school starts at 8 am and gets out at 2:10 pm!  They got out of school at 3:30 in Utah.  It just seems so early!  But I am learning to adjust.  I like that they have more playtime with Warren before bedtime. 
We are still settling in our new house.  I love our house!  It is beautiful and HUGE!  I really thought it wouldn't be this big, but it is!  What  a great surprise.  He have FANTASTIC neighbors and have had a few get together already.  We totally feel welcome at church too.  I have been able to almost unpack most of the house.  I still have my craft room to do.  That is always the last thing to get done.  Jake and I's room is still filled with boxes.  We were waiting for some furniture to arrive.  (It arrived this afternoon and Jake has been busy stain the wood)  I also have little things to do like the coat closet or the cleaning supplies.  They are all out just not organized.  My little sister, Phoebe is coming and is going to help get some of these little projects done.  I am really excited to spend sometime with her.  She has been in Brazil all summer and now that we are in Ohio she is only about two hours away!!  You better believe we are going to be spending more time together!!  I am hoping to get more photos posted on a more regular bases. 
I am been in a bit of a funk sense the move.  I think I might have had another relapse of mono.  The fatigue is pretty bad.  And, to kick my while I am down I have noticed that my eye site is getting worse!  So I need to go in an get a new glasses prescription.  I fee old.  I thought I was suppose to fall apart AFTER I turn 30.  I still have two years!  What the heck is going on?  Oh well, life goes on! 

Bear with me!

I am trying to figure out why my templates have changed and it is not very easy to figure out. I will get it thought, have faith!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ohio or BUST!

Our Internet gets turned off today. The moving truck comes tomorrow. Wow, how time flies!! I can't believe this leg of our journey is here!! What great things are going to come of it. We'll be on the road for a while so it might be a two weeks before we are back on line. Thank you to all the wonderful comments and ideas. I have been working on some projects that I am very excited about! I can't wait to show you, once they are all unpacked!!