Thursday, October 30, 2008


Let me tell you what I find frustrating: I think it is staying up 'till one in the morning working on the last of the Halloween costumes, to wake up just a few hours later to a barfing, sick son! I feel pretty bad that Kimball is sick. He hasn't been sick in so long and it is right before Halloween. He was just as excited as Phoebe was for her Halloween party. Phoebe was crushed that I couldn't go. I felt horrible! I was able to find some great moms to fill in for the part that I was suppose to do at her party, thank goodness! He seemed to be feeling better by this evening, so here is to hoping our scarecrow is back on his feet tomorrow!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

This year because of sickness we didn't get to go on a hay ride to a pumpkin patch. I was really sad. I love this tradition that we have been doing for years, so I came up with a next best thing. My mom and I bought about a bunch of pumpkins and placed them all over our yard, kinda like an Easter Egg hunt. Then we let the kids go out and find their pumpkins! Phoebe saw all the pumpkins and exclaimed, "The Pumpkin Patch walked to our house!" That kid cracks me up! Here are some of the photos!

Crayon making

How to make homemade crayons:

1. Find all the broken, random pieces of crayon you have all over your house. Find a willing child that will peel all the labels off and then chop them into hunks.

2. Fill a small cake pan full of a mix of crayons. If you really want to get creative (i.e. you don't have a two year old trying to help) do themed ones. Red and green mixes for Christmas or black and orange for Halloween. It's really fun! (I only had a Christmas tree pan so that is the only shape they get!)

3. Once they are all filled, place in a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees. I think I cooked mine for about 20 minutes. You will be able to tell once they are all melted together. Let them cool for a few hours on the counter or if your have impatient kids, a few minutes in the freezer!

TA DA! Happy kids who want to color all day long! Enjoy!

Trunk or Treat

Last night was our ward's annual Trunk or Treat night. They had to move it early because of some conflict with the Base. It put a rush on me to finish every costume. Which I didn't . Mine is half done and Jake's isn't even started. I am hoping to get them done before Friday. I know I shouldn't push my self, but I really want this done. The kids are so excited about it. Anyways, here they are, in all there glory....
Phoebe as Dorothy, Mama Puppy as Toto

Kimball as the Scarecrow

Warren as the Cowardly Lion
and my mom as The Wicked Witch of the West!
Kimball really got into his part! He would quote lines from the move, sing songs and even fall like the scarecrow. He was eatin' it up! My mom scared the pants off some kids. It was riot to see how they would react. I think a few kids left think my mom really was green. Some kids made their time at church purposely trying to stay as far away from her as possible! Phoebe was feeling sorta sick and was very quite. She was happy with all the attention she got, but was the first one that wanted to go home. Warren really got in to the trunk or treating. As soon as he picked up that if you go up to all these weird looking people and hold out your pumpkin bucket they would give you candy, he took off running! He probably went around three times! He got twice as much candy as Phoebe and Kimball. We had to take him to the car screaming, "CANDY!" (Which I find totally weird because we don't eat candy that much in our house!) I am really glad we went.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Goodies and one sick Mama!

You read it right, I am sick, again. Have you ever had your lymph nodes swell in your throat and it hurts to swollow? Well can you imagine that all the lymph nodes in your arm pits, neck, ears, back of your head, chest, arms, groin and knees? That is what has happened to me. It is so horriable. I am completely knocked on my butt. I can do much of anything. It has gotten so bad at one point it has effected my breathing. That was REALLY scarey. The doctors have take blood to do tests, I am STILL WAITING on the results. I really, really, really would like to know WHY this happened to me. The doctors say it just sometimes happens. I am sorry, with all the crap I have been going through sense, forever, I really think it is tied together. I am praying something will happen and the doctors will be able to put it all together.

On a happier note, I have had some fun making crafts and things with the kids BEFORE I got sick. So I thought I would post about it.

The kids are developing my love for pumpkins! Everytime we go to the store they ask if we can buy some. I usually give in. We have painted and colored on some. They I found some darling Halloween stickers at Target and we covered pumpkins with stickers. They kids loved it. It was a great activity to do one even while Jake was in then Grand Canyon. It helped take there mind off how much they missed him.

My bestest friend on the whole planet introduced me to these little babies. They are cupcake pops. They are really cupcakes, but are small enought to fit on sucker sticks. The tourtorial to make them is HERE

They are delicouse and oh so fun to make. Here are some more photos of my creations!

Next, in my quest for the coolest family Halloween costumes I have finished my moms. She is the wicked witch of the West. Here it is!

I really thought that if I started working on all these costumes in August I would be done by know. I am half way done with mine, Glinda and havn't even started on Jakes, The Tin Man. With me being so sick I really don't know if I will get them done. I am okay with not having mine done. Honestly I don't like dressing up that much for Halloween. I would much rather stay at home and pass out the candy. I feel a little bad that I have not been able to finish Jakes. He loves this holiday and loves that I make family themed ones. I will see what I can do. But, no promises.

The last thing I am going to post for now is a birthday cake I got to make for a young women in our ward turning 16. She had a luau theme, so I made flip flops! I really like how they turned out. Also her present from me was a canvas with Tinkerbell. She loves Tinkerbell. I also made one for her sister (her birthday was the week before) It is Eyore.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A little early, you think?

I really don't think I am ready for this. This is what I woke up to this morning. Not a great sight. It has snowed all day. It just keeps piling up. I told Jake that it is his fault. Last year during all the major storms he was out of state and I had to shovel the driving way. Never failed, if I found out he was leaving, it would snow the day he left. Now, he is leaving for a week tomorrow. He is going to a place where there is no snow. I guess I should dig out the shovel and rekindle our relationship. It has been a few months.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I know that in my profile I talk about my addiction to crafts, yet I feel like I have not posted a lot about my crafting. I do craft. I craft a lot, just things have been nuts. I really am already looking forward to the New Year. To me some it seems like all my stress is going to end right after Christmas. Well, I mean in my perfect world in my head, all my stress will be gone in 2009. I know that things always change, but anyways. I have wanted to do some more decor in Phoebe's bedroom. She has told me that Dora is no longer cool and that Princesses are the best! I made some Princesses using the Cricut Expressions. I had to borrow it from a friend and I love it!! I want on so bad. I LOVE that I can do more with it. I am happy with my little bug and it will work for now, but I have my eyes set on a big bug! This is what spend the day doing. It took a while. Every piece had to be cut out and glued together. Then I chalked most all of them. The chalking really made them pop. My plan is to cut out a cute circle frame that goes with the Princesses Cartridges. I am going to hang them on her walls. I then am going to print a photo of Phoebe and and put her in one of circle frames. She is our princess. I am also going to cut out "Daughter of a King" and hang it on her wall. I think it will look great! So here they are!

Okay, so now that you are re-living your childhood, I want to know who is your favorite and least favorite of these characters. I will start. I love Belle. As any of my siblings and husband can attest to I am a little obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. I think it is a great story about loving everyone and how you should treat people. I really could give a whole talk on Belle and how we should be more like her, but that will have to be another day. I then would have to say that I like Tinkerbell the least. Now before you go and try to flog me for saying such a think, let me tell you why. I have had issues with her for a long time. Number one, she is not a princess! She is a temperamental little fairy. Next I don't like turn coats. She betrayed Peter! How dare she. Just because of Wendy. It really isn't someone I would like my daughter to be like. Okay, so now you have it. I want to hear.

I know Tink is a good person and did repent and help out, but still there is something about her...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

General Conference

I really thought conference was wonderful! I love hearing it. I love the music and the speakers. I love the spirit it brings in my house. I also love all the people that it brings into my home. To me it is just as special as a holiday. We had a houseful. We had Christy and her baby, Kensie. Becca, Mom, Cherise, Karl, Jake, Me, Phoebe, Kimball, and Warren. We also had one of Becca's friends show up for a little while. We had one of my young women show up for a few sessions and for one session we even had three missionaries! How lucky are we. Here are a few pictures of us lazy on the couch, soaking up the wonderful messages from conference.

I everyone was all snugly on the couch. I like how I got to snuggle this......

I was sewing up a storm. I finished Warrens Halloween costume and started working on a new apron. I finished the apron a little later for I at least got it done for Enrichment class tonight. Here is what Warren completed costume looks like. I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

Okay I have much more to blog about, but I have been on my feet for five hours teaching and helping with homemaking. So I am going to catch whatever shut eye I can get and then start again tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

One of the things that really makes October General Conference special is that it is always right a round my moms birthday. We always do a little celebration for her. The kids get so excited to celebrate with her. This year my mom asked for a vegan birthday cake. I was excited for the challenge. I have never made one. It was so wonderfully good! I loved it. I think everyone loved it. I made some cupcakes to cover all the rest of the guests.

A funny story about my moms age. I was at the grocery store with Phoebe buying the ingredients for Bella's cake. I was telling her that it was going to be Bella's birthday soon. She was so thrilled and started to tell me that Bella needed to have an animal party with tigers and lots of games and balloons. I then asked Phoebe if she knew how old Bella was going to be and with out missing a beat she said, "97" I just started laughing. So did the people standing next to us. I soon stopped laughing and told her, close, she is turning 57. So mom, here is to turning 97! (You don't look a day over 57!!)

Meet Karl....

As many of you family members know, Jake and I got the privilege to interrogate... I mean get to know Cherise's boyfriend, Karl. Cherise and Karl were able to come down and stay for conference. It was wonderful to have them stay with us. It was great to get to know him. Jake and I liked him right off the bat, and it only increased as we got to know him better. So I thought I would show off some photos and tell you some of the things I liked about him.

This is Karl. Everyone, say hi to Karl. He is tall, dark and I can actually say he is a handsome looking feller. He is and Idaho Cowboy. Really, he grew up on a cow farm. Karl is good natured. He put up with a lot of my jokes. But come on, he is a really cow boy from Idaho, I think it is to be expected. Karl is studying to be a physical therapist. He is recently returned from a mission.

Karl is a wonderful gentlemen to Cherise and anyone around him. As Granddaddy would say, "A really Cowboy" He holds doors and helps out. He never complained and is ALWAYS said "thank you". I really like this photo because I think is shows how he really cares for Cherise. (I really hope he and Cherise don't kill me for this blog!)

What really sold me on Karl was how wonderful he was with my kids! He comes from a large family and is just so good with all ages. This is a picture of him helping my three kids with a Halloween craft. Phoebe is in love with him and the boys think he is right up there with Superman and Dad. He will get down and play with them and really give them attention. I like him!

Karl had the privilege of sleeping in Kimball's bed, while Kimball and Warren slept in Warren's bed. What a trooper he is! I am sure it wasn't the most ideal place to sleep but just about every sleeping place in my house was filled this weekend so he was lucky to have a bed. What really melted my heart was that I found out that my boys were up an hour before they actually came out of there room. Karl woke up with them and played with them. One of the favorite things that he did with them was lift them upside down and let them walk like spider man on the ceiling. Oh they loved it! I am sure he must of got tired of it but he loved to make them happy. Kimball asks me if I can lift him up so he can walk on the ceiling. Sorry kiddo, I am a little vertically challenged.

Karl is tall. I mean really tall. I am married to the tallest brother but I was a little taken back by how tall Karl was. Jake is close to five inches taller. Even on his tip toes Jake doesn't come close. I would love to see a family photo in it with all the brothers trying to do that I-am-taller-than-you tip toe thing. It really would be pointless with Karl around.

Karl can play the piano and get along well with Jake and I and everyone. He taught Jake a few fun songs on the piano. He is a good teacher. So I guess overall I would have to say Cherise picked a good one. I like the guy and wouldn't mind him sticking around for a while, say eternity? No pressure Karl... just know we are supporting your two!