Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Testing, Testing, Testing...

Yesterday we had Phoebe's Kindergarten placement test. It really isn't a test, more of an evaluation to see where kids are when they start Kindergarten. I was able to talk to Phoebe teacher and let her know that she is already advance and I would like to discuss getting her moved to 1st grade. The teacher looked at me a little funny but said she would do it. When we arrived at the class room she had a bunch of questions to ask Phoebe. She passed them off like the teacher was talking down to her. Then we came to the reading part. The teach asked if Phoebe would like to read it to her. So the teacher put her finger on the first word and said, "Can you read that?" Phoebe read the whole book the teacher couldn't keep her finger moving fast enough! I think that is when she really took me seriously. So we went from the beginning of Kindergarten test to the end of the year Kindergarten test. Phoebe passed that with flying colors. So the teacher said she need to go to a 1st grade teacher to get some more material that would show us where she was at. She asked Phoebe to write her a story while she was gone. Phoebe immediately started writing a story about her three new stuffed puppies she got for her birthday. When the teacher came back she had books from 1st and 2ND grade! Phoebe read the 1st grade books pretty well and read some of the beginning of the second grade! Second grade has a little bit bigger words and she tried. After a little bit the teacher asked Phoebe if she would like to go play so she could talk to her parents. She said that in all of her 25 years of teaching she has never had kindergartner as young as Phoebe so advance. She said that Phoebe blew her out of the water! She agreed that Phoebe would do fine going to first grade but wanted to talk about a lot of other options. Jake and I listened and we ended up talking for two hours! I really appreciate all the time Mrs. Moore took with us. Phoebe is our first kid and we don't know what we are doing when it come to school, so we wanted to hear all the options. It finally go to the point I looked at her and said, if this was your child, what would you do. She said she would have a tough decision too, but she said she would recommend keeping Phoebe in Kindergarten, and getting her in the advanced reading programs and the gifted program. She said that a teacher/or aide would be able to come in and work with Phoebe on am or individual level. She would have to get tested to see exactly where her reading level is at and then the gifted teacher, the reading specialist and she (the kindergarten teacher) would get together and build a curriculum built around Phoebe! WOW! My daughter really blows my mind! Jake and I both felt like that was right. It just set right with us. We called Phoebe over and told her about what we where thinking. We then asked her what she wanted. She simply replied, "I feel comfortable here." That was enough for us. We agreed and the teacher said that we would talk to the other two teachers and get back to us and have the new curriculum done by the 10Th of September. I really like how on top of things Mrs. Moore is. I feel like I am trusting my daughter to a woman who really cares about her.
One of my favorite moments during the testing was when she was asked what the difference between and triangle and a rectangle was. This is what she said, " A triangle has four small sides that are all the same a rectangle has two short sides that are the same and two long sides that are the same." Uh, I don't think I taught her that!
Another funny part was when Mrs. Moore asked Phoebe to read a page from a Frog and Toad book in the first grade reader. After a few paragraphs she asked Phoebe if she could skip to the end and read the last page. Phoebe was visibly upset because she wanted to read everything that book had. The teacher flipped the page to the end and Phoebe stuck her finger in the place of the first page and tried everything she could to explain to the teacher that she needed to read the story from the front to the back. Jake and I just laughed. Then I promised her that I would take her to the library to check out Frog and Toad books.
Phoebe was also told that she could only check out ONE book from the library. She couldn't understand why she couldn't take more. She told the teacher that her mom lets her take five from the library that she goes to.
That kid cracks me up! What an adventure motherhood is! There never is a dull moment. I am so excited for her to start on Tuesday. All other grade have started but Kindergarten doesn't start until after Labor Day. She keeps asking when she can really go to school. Poor thing. I hope she can survive till then!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Scrap Night

For the past few weeks, every Thursday night I get to go over to Alyssa house and we get to scrapbook. Sometimes it is just us, and sometimes a few other women join us. It is a blast! I look forward to it all week. We start around seven, once the kids are down, and stay up late. Jake has got to the point he doesn't wait up. Smart of him! Yesterday was a scrap night, but because Jake is in Texas I couldn't go. I was so sad. I missed it. So I thought of a great idea. I will start posting my work that I do. These are the pages I have most recently done. They are from Kimball's birth and Phoebes' 1st birthday. It has been so fun to go back and re-live some of those moments!

Scrap Night II

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I know it is a little early but today my good friend started helping me make Phoebes Halloween costume. As you can tell she is going to be Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz. Alyssa really helped me a ton! I had never sewn a pattern this detailed before. She is a great teacher. Except when she hit me with the ruler. Just kidding. She didn't do that, I just thought it would be funny to add in. But we worked for hours and this is what has become of it. It is not quite done. I still have to do the collar, which I tired, messed up, cried and put it way for the night. I will beg Alyssa to help me a little more. I also have to put the zipper and hook and eyes in. The the I have to add buttons and do the hem. The hem makes me nervouse. There might be more tears involved. I really need to keep Alyssa around, she makes life so much easier. If I didn't have her all I would be left with is the 1970's edition of the complete guide to sewing. I will post a finished picture as soon as I finish the thing. Then I get to start doing the cowdery lion (Warren) the scarecrow (Kimball) the tin man (Jake) the wicked witch (mom) and Glenda (me). How many more days till Halloween???

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Phoebe

Happy Birthday Phoebe! I LOVE YOU PHOEBE

4th Birthday
3rd Birthday
2nd Birthday

1st birthday
Birth Day!

Happy Birthday Phoebe! I can hardly believe that my girl is five years old! Five years ago I was in a hospital room with my husband, my mother and my three sisters. We were about to welcome the first of the next generation in my family. It was on of the most spiritual experiences of my life. She made my life change forever. Five years, and three kids later, I don't regret a moment. She is my princess, she is my doll, and my angel. She is the only girl I get. I love looking back at her pictures and see how she has developed in to this beautiful little lady.

My mom helped me come up with this idea! It was fun to work with my mom. She use to draw us funny dog cartoons and this is modeled after it. Phoebe loved it. It also looks like her Pound Puppy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kimballs Birthday!

I feel pretty bad that I have not posted about Kimball's Birthday. The party was a lot of fun. I like to post pictures of my kids on each of there birthdays to see how much my babies have changed. It also take me back. Sometimes as moms we get so wrapped up in the day to day things that we sometimes forget wonderful memories. Photos bring those back to me. Kimball is my little "Lou Buddy" . This kid is such a snuggle bug! He loves to hug and kiss. He loves his trains and cars. He also loves his "buggy-buggy blanket" he goes everywhere caring it around. He is still working on the potty training. It has me a bit confused, but we are working on it. I am sure going to miss him when he goes to preschool this year!
They played pin the number on Thomas the Tank Engine
Opening presents
His totally cool train cake!!
Kimball's 3rd Birthday 07

Kimball's 2ND Birthday 06

Kimball's 1st Birthday 05

Kimball's Birth Day 04

Friday, August 8, 2008

I love to see the Temple....

Twin Falls, ID Temple
The Kiddos

Us, having a blast!

They had so many pretty flowers there!
Kimball's block temple he made for daddy

A few months back Phoebe asked me if she could go to the temple. I was a little taken back with her strong desire to go. I had to explain that she was too young to go and she was really sad. Well, I found out that the Twin Falls, ID temple was having an open house and I jumped to get tickets. Today was the day. Unfortunately Jake couldn't get off work so I took one of my Young Women, Mom and the kids. We loaded up this morning and drove the near three hours to Twin Falls. I had this perfect image of how the kids would sleep while we drove. Never happened. But we made it to the temple in one piece. It was so wonderful. The kids behaved so well. I could tell the felt the Spirit. Phoebe told me that her favorite part was the Celestial Room and the Brides Room. Kimball told me that his favorite part was the Angel Moroni and the elevators. All I got out of Warren was "Temple, Jesus House". I thought that was good enough. I think I loved watching my children the most. It was great! They folded their hands, they whispered, and listened to what was being said. They loved looking at all the pictures of Jesus. We arrived home after 11 hours of being out. I am sooooo worn out. It was worth every minute of it! I would drive to another temple open house tomorrow. I hope this is something the kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

While I was up in Idaho the clinic called with my results from more lab work. I yet again, have ANOTHER bladder/kidney infection. Yep, I have blood, nitrates and white cells in my urine. Doesn't that sound grand? Luckily Jake was able to pick up my Rx for me. I also get to go to a Urologist. Man! I am on top of the world!

Tomorrow Jake and I get to spend a fantastic day together in Park City. We have a chocolate convention to attend. I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's clicked.

Reading. Reading has finally clicked for Phoebe. She is now to the point that she can open up books and start reading and comprehending everything. She shocked me today while I was a friends house. She came up to me and told me that Green Eggs and Ham is a very funny book. I asked when she heard the story and she told that she had just read it and Fox in Socks. She then told me about both stories. Holy Cow! She will turn five in 10 days. She is on fire with reading. I love seeing the excitement in her eyes. Good thing school is starting so soon, and the public library is so close!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The last of the Leia Photos

Aerospace Museum

This is the Place!

Hey, they are my angels

I love this photo

Brigham Young's Grave

We are standing in front of a big bomb

So true! Hee Hee

I figure I better put the last of my visit with Leia up. While she was here we visited the Aerospace museum and This is the Place monument. It was a blast! I am really thankful of all the time got to spend with her!