Monday, June 29, 2009

You know you are the mother of boys....

When you son comes to you and says,
"Look Mom! I found horse poop!"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Banner!

Look what I have been up to! I have wanted to make one of these sense they started popping up in the net. I think they are so cute! I finally busted out the sewing machine and went to town. It was super easy and fun to make. Warren was the first kid to have it up. It is going to become out traditional Happy Birthday Banner. What is extra special is I made it reversible! On the other side I printed "Congratulations" I guess I should have gotten a photos of that side. I love the colors! I made the pattern myself. I used me Cricut to make the letter pattern. What a great way to mesh to addictions! Sewing and paper crafting!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Early Birthday!

We had Phoebes birthday two months early this year. This is not somethings I would normally do, but Phoebe's three closest friends are all moving away before her August Birthday. She has been wanting to have an American Girl Tea Party Birthday day sense she got her doll in November. We sat and talked with her and let her know that this would be her party and when her August party came she would only be able to have her family there. She was for it. I had so much fun getting this party ready! The girls got to do two crafts for there dolls. We decorated straw hats with pink ribbon and bows and then made headbands for the dolls with lots of different colored ribbon! It was great. The girls really loved making somethings for there dolls.

Her dad made her a clothes line so she can teach her doll chores. I was even able to find the perfect sized clothes pins!

The girls were served pink lemonade and cookies. What ever they had the dolls had in a smaller size. If the girls has oreo's the dolls had the mini oreos.
Here are the dolls before they got served there food. I was able to find a perfect tea set for the "big" girls at Good Will for 10 dollars and for the dolls, Ikea had one for about the same price!
They loved playing in Phoebes room. Dolls and toys everywhere! It was so darling to listen to them play.
Here are the treats!
The dolls table
Phoebe and her best friend! We sure do miss her!

Kindergarten Graduation

Phoebe graduated Kindergarten at the beginning of the month. It was so great to see her up there with her class. She was so darling. The above picture is of Phoebe with her best friend. Unfortunatly her dear friend moved a few weeks after school got out. Phoebe was very sad.
This is Phoebe with her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Moore. Phoebe loved having her as a teacher. As you can tell from Warren being in the photo that the boys love her too!
Spotting us, up on the stand!
The slide of Phoebe, she wants to be a vet when she grows up!

I really can't believe that my baby daughter is now a first grader!! Am I old enough for this? Here is to a great first grade year!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A riddle...

Can anyone tell me what a dress, a boot and an evacuation all have in common?

I can! They all happened last night!

The dress!
I finally got out the pattern from the horrible experience I had with the cheep fabric. I picked a better fabric and started again. I LOVE how it turned out!! It looks great on the doll and is was so fast and easy to sew, when the fabric actually stays together! I think I like how is bells out. Too cute!

The Boot

Lookie, lookie, what I get to wear... again. That is right. You remember that sprain I bogged about along side that stupid purple fabric. Well, it was a REALLY bad sprain. I tried to tough it out for a week, but it ended up I was living off of Motrin and other pain killer and still couldn't get any relief. I started to think it was more. I made an appointment to get x-rays. The good news, it is not broken, but the bad news, I have to wear this baby AND use crutches for the next 4-6 weeks! I really do not get my luck. Did I walk under a ladder as a kid? It is such a blast to take care of three kids while "staying off my foot". Right, staying off my foot! What a joke!

To end of a long day of sewing and boot wearing, Jake and I were relaxing and enjoying of evening to ourselves. The kids went to bed without complaint, it was turning out to be a great night. Then we saw the red and blue lights come speeding down our street. For a while we watched as the fire department ran into our neighbors house. We didn't think much of it at first. We had this happen a few weeks ago at the same house. They said they thought they smelled gas, but nothing turned up. After a bit if watching out the window we started to settle back to Reading and playing the Wii. Not long after a cop comes pounding on our door and tells us we have to evacuate immediately to the top of the street. We had just enough time to grab the kids, shoes and sweaters. The kids were so tired and confused. But we got them walking, along with everyone else on the street to the top of the hill. We were all just standing around trying to figure out what the heck was going on! Come to find out, the house that had the fire fighters there had gas backing up in their pipes and drains. One of those drains was right by the water heater. The pilot light kept lighting the gas on fire! Both houses had small fires in their laundry rooms! All the other houses had to be cleared out so they could find out about the gas leak. After about twenty minutes if standing outside, to our luck, it started to rain! We were given permission to stand under a car port. How humorous that I got to meet some of my neighbors for the first time under conditions like this. We were in all states of dress. Some in scout uniforms, others in leopard print pj's and others in just different clothes you don't normally see your neighbors in. The older kids were loving every minute of it. The adults were trying to figure out what was going on and play our fourth of July BBQ and then there were the mothers with young children that were trying to comfort some very confused, cold and tired kids. Phoebe was crying and shivering. She was terrified that the house was going to burn down, or that we were going to live on the street or who knows what else! Kimball was quite, just trying to stay awake, and Warren was loving being able to see the firefighters. I really don't remember how long, maybe another twenty minutes and they cleared the first four houses on the street. Not our house. But we were then allowed to go into our neighbors houses and wait. The kids clung to me. I just tried to calm them down. It helped a lot when someone turned on cartoons. We wait probably another half our and then were told it was all clear to go home. I quickly got the kids home and made Jake go talk to the fire department and see why this happened and if it could happen again. Kimball walked in the house, and immediately crawled into bed. He was asleep before I could get my shoe off. Warren and Phoebe were a different story! Warren though his nap was over. We had to convince him to go back to sleep, after about and hour he did. Phoebe was still shook up and terrified. She wouldn't leave my side. After trying to battle we just let her sleep on the short couch and I slept with my foot propped up on the long couch. It worked. She finally went to sleep! Today the boys barely remember what happened last night. Phoebe is still very clingy. She freaks out when every I am not in sight. She has to be within in arms reach. I am trying very hard to calm her fears, I hope this doesn't last much longer!
What a night!

Monday, June 8, 2009


There is nothing like having a cop come to your door at ten at night to tell you to evacuate your house immediately. A neighbors house had a gas leak and even caught fire. After about an hour of so of waiting with a near hysterical daughter we got to come home. More of the adventure tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now we're talkin'

Here is the new dress I made today. I am really in love with it. After having the mess up with the dollar fabric I found my most expensive fabric and made a dress out of it. It is a pattern from I love the patterns. Jake bought me all of them for mothers day. This dress is from the 40's. Many of you know I love the WWII era. The dress was just a blast to make. Teaches me to use cheep fabric!

This is "the dress". I really liked the print. It is darling and I am really sad that it don't work out. I also used up all my baby Rick rack on it! Rats, looks like a run to the store tomorrow! You can't really see the screw up on it. I wanted to take a picture of how it was suppose to look. But looking at it, you can see the left side all the strings, it just fell apart. This angle you can see more of what I am talking about. How sad. After I finished the orange dress I found another cute fabric and started cutting out the dress again. I am going to do it in a red plaid print. I hope it turns out. I just have to get more of that rick rack.

Here is another shot of my lovely dress. I don't know why it is sideways. But it is.
I got my camera to work! Yeah!! My ankle is doing much better. For those of you how have been asking, I just twisted it. It was really swollen for a couple of days, but today the swelling is finally going down. So, I am not grumpy, my ankle don't hurt as bad, my camera is working (even though deep down I wish I could have a new one!) and I finished a doll dress today. I even had a mole removed from my back. It is a little annoying to have the stitches, but I am doing great and in good spirits!
Jake and Phoebe have strep throat. Jake had it really bad. The poor guy was really thrown for a loop. His fever got really high and he was sweating bullets. He was ordered to stay home for two days. It is kinda nice to have him here. It has helped me stay off my ankle... a little. I still have to nurse him. Phoebe is devastated to miss a day of her final week of Kindergarten. Tomorrow was bubble day. They were doing everything bubbles and then a fire truck is suppose to come and spray them. What a bummer to miss that. But the doc said she should be find after 24 hours and she wont miss her Kindergarten graduation! Thank goodness!