Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Crazy Aunt Phoebe

My sister contacted me a in October and let me know that she wanted to do a Thanksgiving with Jake and I and the kids.  She wanted to bring her boyfriend from India too.  I thought it was a great idea, but two things stood in the way, We were going to Jake's family for Thanksgiving and Phoebe was going to be in Egypt.  So, or plan?  To do Thanksgiving early!  I am so thankful we did too, because it was so much fun! 

Crazy Aunt Phoebe and Shail
Shail jumped right in with all the preparations.  He really liked the idea that we cook most of the day, eat through out the day and then stuff ourselves with a big meal.  Yep, that my dear Shail, is Thanksgiving.  Plus all the fun times in between the stirring, chopping and baking. 

Making the pie.  The MOST important part of the meal!

We made so much food and ate so much food but it was great.  Shail even made us some Indian food to enjoy.  It was way too spicy for my taste, but that is okay, everyone else liked it.  We invited our neighbors to join us.  More the merrier!  It was the perfect addition and they to top if off, Jake's friend, Fransisco (who is from Colombia) was able to make it!  How blessed are we?!

This is the best we could do, but still couldn't get everyone in the picture
The weather was so beautiful, that we were able to set up a few tables and feast outside.  I've never had a Thanksgiving outside and have always wanted to.  It was great!  

There are still people not pictured!
I was so glad I got to celebrate with my sister, neighbors and friends.  It was a great early Thanksgiving!
As for the actual Thanksgiving day we had a wonderful time with Jake's family in Illinois.  I don't think anyone took pictures, which is really odd.  Hmmmm. 
I have posted a whole bunch more photos from this weekend on Facebook!