Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Go Fish!

 Meet the cutest angel fish to ever walk the planet.  The second grade did a musical last week.  Phoebe was chosen to be the angel fish.  This part has plenty of lines to memorize.  Phoebe was up for the task!  This was the part Phoebe was talking about for weeks.  This is the part she prayed to get.  Finally on day she came bursting through the door to tell me she had made the part.  As a mom I wanted to jump up and down with her.  I was praying she would get the part too.  I just hate to see any of my kids disappointed.
 I was able to make her a quick costume.  I had the pattern on hand and the fabric was cheap with my coupon.  She felt like a million bucks and you could tell.  She worked so hard on memorizing her line.  She practised everyday.  She even taught her brothers all the lines, songs and dance movements.   As you can tell from the picture below Kimball and Warren could have been right up there with her.
 This photo just cracks me up.  We had people behind us giggling too. 
 The musical was very darling.  It was all about differences but still getting along.  All kids need to learn this lesson. 
 The music had a rap song, a country line dancing song and a few others.  I am so thankful that my kids are in a great school and get to have fun opportunities like this.
(In this photo is an angel fish, a clown fish and a tiger shark.  Pretty cute, huh? )

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daddy's Shadow

 Not only does Warren look like a mini Jake, Warren adores everything Jake does.  He LOVES to follow him around and "helping" do whatever project Jake is up to.  Last week was Jake's spring break.  We also had good weather.  Jake was able to work on some of his work bench project.  Warren happily gathered all of his tools and joined his dad outside. 

 Jake gave him some wood blocks to work on.  He was thrilled.  He felt like daddy. 
 I can't get enough of those two!
A future wood worker in the making!


 Phoebe has been wanting a big bookshelf.  She has a couple hundred books in her room.  Jake is more then happy to make her one.  He was able to get a great deal on Black Walnut.  He and Phoebe took a long time finding the right bookshelf pattern. 
 Jake has been teaching people all about wood working, and math.  It has helped her with her math skills too. 
I love that she is working in her nightgown.  Too cute.  With Jake in school it is going to be a slow project but it is something they love doing together. 

Bugs, bugs, bugs!

 March 3rd was the 1st grade music program at the kids school.  They really have an amazing school and music program.  The 1st grade did a musical about bugs.  They had lots of different bugs, fireflies, army ants, butterflies, and the best, spiders! I only say  the best is because that is what Kimball was.  He was so excited!  I was able to find a black shirt and pants at goodwill for a couple of bucks and whipped up this costume.  He loved it so much! 
 Kimball did not have any speaking parts but he was the post passionate singer.  He was so involved with all the songs and dance movement.
 This is only half the singers!  I couldn't fit them all in on the camera.  Do you see the one wearing the sombrero?  That is the cockroach.  He was one of my favorites.  So was the maggot. 
Look at  my cutie!  I love him.