Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lamp Shade revamp

Sorry for the long pause! Between having an allergic reaction to medication that sent me to the ER (and a week recovery) and then having a 33 hour power outage and now I am battling a little head cold, I really haven't wanted to do much of anything. Today I hit my wall. I felt like if I didn't do something for me or creative I might pull some hair out. It took me a while to figure something I could do laying on the couch and not much work. In my last post I showed the lamp that I painted. I really liked it but I thought the lamp shade was too white. Tonight, while Jake listened to the BYU game (go cougars!) I did this!

I stitched a little flower design. I just got a sharp pencil and sketched the design I wanted and then I pulled out my cross stitching stuff, found some buttons and six hours later I had this beauty. I am really in love with it! What do you think?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My sister Charlotte has gotten me into doing DIY (Do it yourself) projects. Reuse and re purpose. I am a bit addicted to it. I think it all started when she came out and re did my craft room. We hit the thrift stores and tried to use up what we had around the house. I now love going to thrift stores and seeing the potential in things. Here is my first real project. I was simple but so satisfing! I saw this lamp. It was for three dollars. I really liked the shape of thel lamp and that was about it. I slapped on some black paint and got a new lamp shade (the lamp shade was on clearance too!) and now I have an new lamp!


I am thinking about the lamp shade. It is so plane. I think I might embroder some little design around the top and bottom edge. What do you think?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bedroom Revamp!

Along with moving comes redecorating! I picked Phoebe's! I loved doing it. I am exhausted but it was so much fun! Here are some the photos. We are still waiting for her bed to arrive, so her room still looks a little off, but I love how everything else worked out.
This is her window and kitchen. I love those butterflies on her curtains!
This has been a long work in progress. I cut the princesses out months ago with my Cricut. I knew I wanted to hang them up, I just didn't know how. Moving to this house gave me a clean slate. The pink frame around the five princesses is actually the frame off of a cheep dorm mirror. I took the mirror apart, hung the glass in my room with different hardware and painted the white frame pink. It fit five of the six princesses perfectly! I will so happy to be able to reuse something. Belle is Phoebe's favorite princess so I found a frame at a thrift store for three dollars and painted it purple. I think it will look great framed above her bed.( When it actually arrives!) The small pink frames we already had, they were a natural wood, so I just slapped some paint on them too.
Up close of the Belle frame
Up close of the other five.
I am pretty stoked how this turned out. When my sister came out a few months ago and we decorated my craft room we had a couple of shelves left over. I painted them the same bubble gum pink and bought some L brackets at the hardware store of under a buck each. I painted them purple to help tie in the colors. Phoebe is starting to get quite a collection of American Girl Doll books and items. The three drawer dresser is full of her American Girl doll items. The doll case on the floor I made for her. It was fun, long and hard, but it is so cute. (That will be another post) Back to the shelves. Phoebe didn't like that her brother ( can you guess? Yep, Warren) could get to her books, so the bottom shelf is high enough that she can easily reach them. The top shelf holds her tea set. I got this set at a thrift store for fifteen dollars. She loves it and I think it looks so great on the shelf. So that was my day, painting, and hanging and reliving my childhood! I hope you enjoy it. Now this weekend I get to work on the boys room. I am cooking up so ideas! Photos to come later.