Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Andy and Terica,

Do you remember this? Do you remember about seven or eight years ago when Jake and I were moving out of our studio apartment and into the basement apartment? Do you remember how you hooked us up with all kinds of furniture? I do. I was sooooo thankful for all that you did for us. Well out of all of that furniture this is the last piece standing. Well I don't know if I could call it standing. The only reason it is standing is the two bookshelves on either side. It has made it through FIVE moves with use. One drawer is completely gone. The other is held together with duct tape. The doors don't work like should. But it has served us very well. Tonight this thing goes to the curb. I don't even know if it will hold its shape that far. It may just be a pile of dead wood. We'll see. I just wanted to thank you for this piece of furniture. It helped a lot. I hope it goes to a very special place in the after life. Love, Sariah

Killer Bunnies

I find this photo of Jake very attractive. There he is laying on the floor with our babies playing Killer Bunnies. The kids LOVE to play this game with there dad. It is one of there favorite things to do with him. He loves to play with them too. He even lets them win! For those of you that know Jake know that he loves to win. Over the years he has softened up and lets the kids win. I love you so much Jake! Thanks for playing with the kids so I could get a break!!

It has happened!!

I am happy to announce that IT has finally happened. Kimball is potty trained!!!!!!! I still get so excited to say that. With the love from his helpers at school and his worn out parents he has finally gotten the potty training thing down! We are so proud of him. It has been such a long battle and struggle. He will still have the occasional accident but it is few and far between. I love you Lou Buddy!!!

Vinyl fun

Now that I have the larger cricut I have been able to do more with vinyl. It has been so much fun. I was able to find a cut file of an autobot and ordered some special car vinyl. My mom and I both wanted our cars to be autobots.

Moms Car Up close of my van
My car, pretty cool, huh? Now you will always be able to tell me van.

I have also been able to play around with wall art. I really like it. I didn't want to do too much in this house as to the fact that we are leaving in a few months. I love how Phoebes turned out. If you can 't read it well it says, "Daughter of a King"

I wanted this one a little more centered but it was my first one. It is hanging in the boys room. I wanted a race car kind of saying that goes along with a church theme, like Phoebe had daughter of a a King. It goes a long with Princesses and it is personal to her. So I ended up picking Endure to the End, for the boys. It not only talks about finishing the race, (they have a Cars themed room) But it also goes for life. They should always endure to the end. I doubt they understand all the meaning now, but hopefully one day they will.

I really like playing with vinyl. I have a couple more projects lined up. One is end of the year teacher gifts and the other is a business sign to go on a car window. I was also able to get some chalkboard vinyl!! I can't wait to do something with that. It might not happen till we are at the new house. I would hate to do something darling for only four months. So I will save that till Ohio.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

camera case

For Christmas, Santa brought my mom, my sister and myself a new camera! I love it! The only problem was that it didn't come with a case. I was able to make my sisters one before Christmas. It was really darling, pink, with cherries. I wish I had taken a picture of it. But below are mine and my mothers.

I have to say, I like my fabric much better then my moms and she thinks my in ugly. Oh well, that is the beauty of making your own. She picked out her fabric. By the way Mom, I think yours is boring!
But I love you anyways!

Date Night

Jake and I had a fun date night last night. We built a Lego set from my childhood. I received this set in 1993 and my mom has kept it all this time. I was able to find the instruction manual online. It took a bit to dig through all seven of my mom's kids Lego's but be found all but three pieces and the sails. The pirates were a little sad that they don't have sails. I told them my sister understood there pain.

I think we might have to do this again sometime, but with a different set!