Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've discovered that I really like giving lamps makeovers. It is a lot of fun to see something that is pretty ugly turn into a work of art! I have already done an embroidered lamp shade so I thought I would try with paint. The love birds lamps and shades I got at Big Lots. The lamps were a blue and red. The Shades had some ugly baby blue gingham ribbon around the edges. I panted the lamps black, removed the ribbon and painted two love birds on it. I then added buttons for the birds eyes. Most of you know that I can not draw to save my life so I cut out the birds with my cricut and then traced them and painted over them. I then found Jake's word burning kit and carved our initials into the base, sorta like you would do for a tree. Then on the back side of the lamp I carved out anniversary date. I think they turned out darling! Jake likes them too. I do want to ruffle some black ribbon and add that around the edges but I just ran out of time before the move. That is one project that will have to wait till we get to Ohio.
The second lamp I did I found at savors. It was a ugly tan color and quite beat up. I am really a fan of black lamps so again I painted it black. I think I might go a little crazy and find a metallic paint of silver or pewter for my next project. After I painted it black I thought it looked too clean so I took my mouse sander and started to distress it. I loved it. The ugly tan that just peeked through was perfect! I then found a great lamp shade at Big Lots (they really do have great deals there!) I used the opposite end of a paint brush to make the dots and then used my handy dandy glue gun to glue the flowers. I found the flowers at the Making Memories Warehouse sale. They were so cheep! I love the sparkle at the center of the flower! I have to say I miss having my lamps. I think I just plane miss having a house. I know it is only about another five weeks! I can do this!! Enjoy the lamps!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day.. A wee early

Because Warren's birthday was this weekend also we decided to celebrate Father's Day a week earlier. It also happened that it was the weekend he had his surgery. It think it worked out great. Phoebe got Jake a great book on how to make American Girl Doll furniture. They sat together and looked at every project and talked about which one they would make when we get to Ohio. It was so darling. He even knew that the doll on the front of the book was Samantha. She was pleasantly shocked that her dad would know such things!
Kimball got his dad Super Mario Brother's for the Wii. Jake was thrilled to get it. He promised Kimball to teach him how to play. He has held true to that promise too. Playing the Wii was a great distraction for Jake while he was recovering. The kids loved to watch him play. They would sit for an hour and a half intently watching Jake play. It was so funny to watch. He would play with all the kids too. He and Kimball actually beat the game in less then one week. Like father, like son!
Warren got his daddy "driving wii" or in normal terms, Mario Kart. We also were able to get three extra wheels so the kids could drive. They all love to drive with Jake. Playing the wii is no fun, with out him.
It was very nice fathers day. I love Jake so much and he is a great father. He loves his children so very much! Thank you for being a wonderful father! I love you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jakes surgery

For some reason Blogger is acting a little funny, but I wanted to get these photos posted. This is all about Jake's surgery. Last Friday Jake got surgery that has needed to be done sense he was a kid. He had his tonsils removed, his uvula cut off and a new one made out of his soft pallet, the rest of his soft pallet was tightened up, he had polyps removed from his nose, his left nostril was completely blocked and he was getting no air in it, and he had his deviated septum fixed. Whoa. That is a lot. He has been such an amazing person through all of it. I really thought it would have knocked him out, but get this, it has been seven days sense the surgery and he is completely off pain killer! (Has been sense day four!) He is talking, going out and doing things, and eating pretty normal food. The doctor was actually shocked at how well he is doing! That's my man! Two nights ago was the first time in our marriage that he did not snore!! He is feeling more rested then ever before. What a blessing. This surgery is so worth it to people with sleep apnea, and breathing problems. Jake's uvula was extremely long, and his tonsils were extremely huge. The doc said that was part of the snoring problem. When they removed the tonsils, it was covered with rotting food. YEWWW! How gross is that. He has one more week of leave left and is starting to go stir crazy. He has already beating Super Mario Brothers Wii. What on earth am I going to do with him? I guess I can figure something out. I am just so happy with how well he is doing!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As promised!

In May the kids sang in a church primary talent show. They were so excited and did so well! I just love how Warren is trying so hard to be as tall as his brother and sister.

I just can't get enough of these kids!!

What cuties! Here is a link to the song they sang...

Monday, June 14, 2010


Oh wonderful Internet! I have missed you so much! I can start living again. I am out of the dark ages!!