Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's a circus in here!

Mom, the kids and I hit the circus this weekend. The Shrine Circus gave free tickets to every student at The International School. It was so great! I went to the circus as a kid and it is a memory I will never forget. My mom went to the circus as a kid and watched a high wire artist fall to his death. I hoped that my kids took a memory like mine away and not my moms! They did. It was amazing! We all had so much fun. Before the circus actually started the kids were able to ride elephant and a camel! They were over the moon.
They also got to meet a clown
Then they became clowns!
That was all before the show started. For the next 2+ hours we were all entertained! Here are some of the photos we took while we didn't have our jaws on our laps.
People on the flying trapeze!
Dancing doggies!
And of course elephants! I can't wait till we can go next year.


Red Charlotte said...

Oh my gosh. Cora would have loved this. Some day we will have to talk her too!

BECKY said...

you just made me so jealous. i wish i would have gone.