Wednesday, February 6, 2013

School Projects and a trip to the Dentist!

Phoebe's new project for class is about Migration. She immediately picked the Mormon migration. I am so proud of her for wanting to do this topic. She has a lot of family that was personally involved with this migration and doing this project has introduced her to her family history. She has loved it. Tonight we finished the poster board and the handcart. We now need to fill the handcart with supplies and show how much 17 pounds of bedding and clothing is. Can you believe that handcart pioneers where only allowed seventeen pounds? That is so little. We are also going to measure out 2 oz of flour. At the worst part of the trip some handcart companies survived on only 2 oz of flour a day. It really makes you thankful for that dinner you had tonight doesn't it?
Now to the dentist. The kids had there 6 month cleaning. I have to say I was a little shocked when the dentist told me that Kimball had six cavaites, Phoebe had seven cavaties, and Warren had eight! I about died. How on earth could that be? My kids brush their teeth every night and we are pretty good at limiting sweets. So many questions ran through my mind and also lovely little doubts of "I have failed as a mother".
Phoebe handeled the cleaning just fine.
Kimball did alright. He has some sensory issues but he was a trooper. Warren. Warren was a mess. Remember that fall he took back in October? The one that knocked out his four front teeth. Well, not this kid is terrified of dentist. Almost to hysterics. It took more than an hour to get x-rays and the cleaning. The dentist recommended that Warren see a specialist dentist that does sedation. I agreed. Seeing my son in that much fear was horrible. The "sleep dentist" as Warren calls him, was able to fit him in today. Warren was pretty nervous, which he has every right to be. They had to take more x-rays because the copies the original dentist sent were not that good of quality. When the dentist came in he said he does not do sedation for cleanings. I told him that we were here because Warren had 8 cavities and we wanted sedation for that. The dentist got a confused look on his face, checked his records, checked the x-rays and then did an oral exam on Warren. He then told me that from what he can see Warren has NO cavities and looks fantastic. I about fell of my chair. What the heck? One dentist tells me he has 8 and it will cost over $1,000 in work and not this one is telling me he has none. I was thrilled and I believe this new dentist. I asked him if I could bring my two other kids in for him to give me a second option. He agreed. So maybe they don't have a mouth full of cavities each. This is very frustrating to me. This is when I really wish I could transport my brother in law out here. He is a dentist and I know he would give me a straight answer. Brother in laws can't lie! LOL. So for now we are cancelling appointments with the first dentist and are making appointments at the new one. I still am going to send my brother in law all the kids records for a triple check. I guess you can never be to sure.


Charlotte said...

Whoa. That is nuts. Seriously, that big of a discrepancy? I'd take them to the new dentist too (and send the stuff to brother in law as back up!)

Good luck!

Beth said...

The first dentist I saw when I got to LA told me I needed $2000 worth of work. I was shocked since when I left OH 6 months before that I was perfectly fine. Went to a new dentist who said I looked great and didn't mention any of that $2000 worth of work. I think sometimes dentists just need the money. Sorry to your brother-in-law I'm sure he is an honest dentist!

Cherise said...

That's insane! I was that way as a kid though. My dentists always called me a gold mine. My father-in-law would call me that if I had to pay for the work to get done on my teeth now. I have bad tooth enamel. Also, watch out for when your kids get older. I don't know about the rest of the siblings, but for Adam and me we have the same problem. No matter how many shots of Novocainethe dentist gives we can feel it. So beware. Good luck!