Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am starting to get threats from members of my family because I have not posted my photos from my trip to Mexico. I figure I have an hour to wait for Kimball's Occupational Therapy that now is the perfect time. I would have posted earlier but I have been worn out. It was a ten day trip to La Cruz, to help my lovely older sister with the birth of her newest little girl. I felt very honored that she wanted me down there with her durning this time! Thank you Charlotte. I have a lot of photos. Too many to post them all here so I will put the highlights on here and then post all of them on my facebook page. I also want to give a shout of to my mom. I could not have made this trip without here. With Jake still gone at training my mom took charge of my kiddo's for ten days so I could take care of my sister. Thanks mom! I arrive on Feb 12 with two huge suitcase full of supplies. Charlotte had emailed me a list of supplies that the needed and wanted. It turned into second Christmas at the little apartment my sister and her family were staying at. I also got to bring a gift to my darling little niece Cora. I love spoiling her! Here is another photo of Cora in her new swimsuit and some of the other many supplies I brought. I found that as soon as I arrived in Mexico I was in culture shock. I had never left the US before and now I was in a third world country. I found that I was quite at first and just soaking in everything around me. My sister and brother-in-law usually live in a sailboat, but decided to move into an apartment for a month for the arrival of the new baby. I am happy they did too. It gave us all a little more room and a fantastic view of the ocean. The first day was just a blur! I we went swimming in the pool. We ate dinner at a local favorite place. TO get out of my sister apartment you have to walk down 149 stairs. This is not your normal everyday American stairs, this is Mexico stairs! Below are some photo from my sister of how it is getting in and out or really up and down of her apartment. This is the first set. They are probably the most normal set. The next set THis is the last of the normal stairs. Now things get crazy. The next crop of stairs has NO guard rail. If you fall you will fall 15 feet down to rocks. After you get path the drop of death you then have this HUGE step up to lead you to this little tiny path that has a few bricks as steps. Can't you see "law suit" written all over this? This is the crazy little path with the poor excuse of wire to guard you if you fall. Now you are at the apartment complex. But there are still stairs to climb. Once you get to the top of these you get the front door, but you are not done yet! Once you get to the front door, you have a spiral stair case to get down into the apartment! Do you notice the difference in the size of the steps? I sure did, when I fell down them! Okay, enough of stairs. I am going to post just some random photos from the trip now. I really don't have a lot of tourist photos. This really wasn't a see the sites kind of trip. This was take care of my family trip. I was okay with that. We did go into town about everyday and I got to hold a newborn baby and I even got to swim with dolphins! All of those are going to be addressed in another blog post because this one has become too long. I will post all the photos on facebook and then write about it more here, on another day.

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