Thursday, January 28, 2010

Potty Party!!

I have the best news ever!! Are you ready for this? My son, Kimball, has finally pooped in the potty for the first time ever! Isn't is grand? We have been working with him for years, but due to his sensory issues it has been very hard! For the past few days I have noticed that on his own he has gone in the bathroom and sat on the potty to try. I knew we were getting close and today it finally happened! We were all playing Lego's in the living room when I noticed he was no were near by. I immediately though that he had gone and hid because he had pooped in his underwear but he called from the bathroom, "Mom, the poops got in the toilet!" I leaped up screaming! I was so ecstatic! We all danced around the house and then I loaded the kids in the car and we went to go buy the much wanted new Backyardigians DVD and some cookies. I then let them have a picnic dinner in the living room while watching the new movie. He has been able to call his dad, his Bella, and his teacher. Also two of his aunts. What a great day. I know that we still may have a few accidents but I know this is it! This is the end of pull ups and messed underwear! It is finally happening! Hurray for Kimball!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Phoebe's seizure

So many of you have heard that on Friday my little Phoebe had a seizure. It was pretty scary and what drives me nuts is that they (the doctors) don't know why it happened. Here is how it went: Jake was up because he had the day off. I was going to sleep in! Jake was feeding the kids oatmeal and was standing next to Phoebe and Warren at the table. All the sudden Phoebe just falls off the chair right at his feet. She landed on her face. She then seized and was on her back. The then proceeded to shake. Her eyes did not roll back in her head, but they glassed over. Jake started to call out her name, at first he was confused, thinking she was being silly, but quickly realized that something was wrong. He stayed amazingly calm. He runs into our room and says, "I think Phoebe just had a seizure" Upon hearing that I jump out of bed and find my little girl on the floor, white as a ghost. I have NEVER seen someone so pale in all my life. Her lips were white. She started to cry and was really confused. Jake picked her up and carried her to our bed. She was saying things like "I feel shaky all over" or "my legs feel funny" "I feel sick to my stomach" " my back hurts" I immediately started getting her jacket on her while Jake got his shoes on. From the time I got out bed till this point it had maybe been two minutes. It all happened so fast. Jake took Phoebe straight to the ER and I got Kimball and Warren dropped off at a friends house. Thank goodness for wonderful friends who can help at the drop of a hat! I was able to meet Jake at the ER just in time for Phoebe to get a CT Scan. She also had X-rays to make sure nothing was injured when she fell, and lots and lots of blood work. Everything came back normal. The doctor said that this could be a one time thing or it could be the start of something. We now just have to wait and see. If she has another one we need to call our pediatrician and document it. If it happens a third time then we have to start getting concerned and have more detailed testing done. I felt like I left the ER with more questions then answers. She recovered just fine and is back to her happy little self. Here is to no more of those lovely seizures!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some of the things I have been up too

I love to post photos of the crafts I am working on but around Christmas I have to hold off, because most of the crafts turn to gifts. But I can post some now! The first one is a quilt I made my sister, Rose. I made a quilt for my sister Phoebe for graduation and now it was Rose's turn. I know she loves pink. I goal is to one day make on for each one of my siblings. So rush me though. It is a lot of work... and money

Okay this one is a long story but Jake knows how I always wanted an American Girl doll as a girl. This past year American Girl retired my dream doll. I was devastated. Jake went on EBay and bought me one as a surprise! She needed some work but I was thrilled to do it. I first fixed her sticky eyes. The I need to attack her hair. I learned how to re wig her.

I have to say the doll looks scary bawled. It freaked Phoebe out and she made me promise not to do it to her two dolls. She cracks me up!

This is what my Kirsten doll looks like with her new wig. I think it looks like the real deal. I love my husband so much. Santa brought me her original outfit too. So now twenty years later I have my doll. She stays on display in Phoebes room, but I love her. Thanks Jake!

This is a pretty funny picture of Warren, but I made Phoebe, Kimball, Warren and Autumn all matching pajamas for Christmas.

I think I have more craft photos some where between the dead computer and this new one. I will keep looking.

Jakes birthday

Jake turned 31 this past year! We had a small family party. I love this picture of Jake.

I wish the photos would turn but I love the crazy faces that the kids are making. Jake doesn't like birthday cake so I make him pudding. I don't like the stuff, but he gets it every year on his birthday.

This photo makes my heart melt. He is the greatest dad. The kids bought him "There is Another Monster at the end of this Book." They love when he reads it to him!

Happy Birthday honey!

Grow with me!

Every Christmas we do our family measuring wall. It isn't a wall really. Just a board. I don't get to live in a house long enough to have a real wall so this will do. I love begin able to see how my kids have grown. I try to get every extended family member on the board. It is fun.

(cousin Autumn getting on the board for the second time)

My bean pole of a daughter. This girl is growing like a weed! She is almost as tall as her Aunt Phoebe!

Warren is my smallest, I think he got my short gene. Poor guy. But we will see.

Kimball is starting to sprout too! He is taller then Phoebe was at that age. I think there is only a two inch difference.


Not only is he good looking......

He's really handy with tools! Jake has started to do discover he is really good with power tools. We was able to make these saw hores in two days. He has a couple of friends that help him when he gets questions. I think he looks sexy! I love you Jake! Keep up the good work!