Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm goin' under!

And I don't mean, Australia! I met with my new surgeon today. He was great. He reviewed and did A LOT of tests. It hurt a lot! But, in the end he said that we can't look at this injury as something that happened back in January, but as something that happened when I fell down those stairs two years ago. He thinks that I have a shelf of scare tissue built up in my knee joint. So, on April 9th I am going to have an exploratory surgery done and fix whatever they find in there. In ways I am relieved and in ways I am a little stressed. It is the Thursday before Easter. That means I have to be extra ready with our Easter preps AND the big kicker is Jake is going to be out of town for it! My mom was able to get Thursday and Friday off of work. She will be taking care of things till Sunday, when Jake gets home. The doctor doesn't think I will be down for that long. He said, Thursday and Friday are going to be the worst of the recovery. Oh boy! I am trying to make a list of all the things I am going to have to have done before the surgery. I know it will be stressful on my mom to be taking care of all the kids. (Phoebe will even be on Spring Break that week, so no break there! (At least for us adults) When I told the kids about what was going to happen to me, Kimball burst into tears and said he didn't want the doctors to "cut and pinch" me. How darling he is. He is always so sensitive to me. He does not like it when I am hurt. I love that boy to pieces! Phoebe was concerned and quite. I am going to try to talk to her later about it, to make sure she is okay with everything. Warren was asking if he could have one too. Oh if he only knew! What a hoot.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fresh breeze!

Today the sun is shining,
my boys are out playing
and my windows are open!
I am very happy.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Why do we have to wait to get sick until now? For the past three weeks we have been sick! It started with Phoebe getting a pretty sever case of RSV. She woke up not able to breath very well. She was rushed to the doctor at two in the morning to get a steroid shot to open her air ways. She was sick for a week with a fever. She was miserable! Just about the time she was getting better, little Warren got it. He has had the hardest time getting over it. He is still battling "stuff" We treated him for all the symptoms, but then he got worse. The doctor thinks he has a secondary infection and gave some antibiotics. Then Kimball got it. His was the shortest sickness. He still is hard to deal with when he is sick, but he pulled through alright. As soon as Kimball got better then it hit me! I have a lovely head cold. I have been thought a whole box of tissues, my nose is red and very tender. Jake and the boys are also being treated for a staph infection. They have to have medicine up there nose! What else could come upon us? I am so ready for spring. I want warm nights and open windows! I want to get out the shorts and sandals. Lets go mother nature, bring it on!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Many of you know that I love to work out by jumping on a mini trampoline. It is fantastic exersice! You should do some research on. I am not able to jump right now because of my knee. *sniff, sniff* I miss it. Kimball's occupational therapist has acctually recomended that he jump on it a couple of times a day. It helps kids strengthen their bodies from the inside out. It is also suppost to help delyed potty trained kids to help feel the sensations in their bodies better. It really has helped Kimball. My wonderful mother who has been jumping on a trampoline most of my teenage years till now, introduced me to it. She taught me all about the health benifits of it. IT helped me recover from each one of my pregnancies. (It really helps strengthen those weakend bladder muscles you get after you give birth!!) With all that being said, I think you get the point that I love my trampoline. My mom has gone through a lot of hassel to make sure that I have a top of the line, high end one. Which brings me to a problem. I can't just store something like this outside. At the same time it is sorta an eyesore too look at and it take up a lot of space in my house. My sister Charlotte sent me this email today. It was from one of her friends that has a mini trampoline too. These creative friend solved the problem of the eyesore trampoline! I got so excited when I saw it! My mind has been going crazy with ideas of colors and patterns. Recovering my couches has even crossed my mind! But let me know what you think! I am trying to get a pattern or a tutorial, I'll post it if I can! Enjoy!

(Trampoline Cover/ottoman/coffee table/kid seat... just not an ugly trampoline in your living room!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

Phoebe's elementary school did a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party. It was such a great family event. Phoebe got a free book from the school. She happily picked out a Magic School bus one. Then we could do a book swap. Each kid could bring in three used book and trade them out for new, used books. Teachers were dressed up like Seuss characters. The kids were terrified of The Grinch. They had puppet theaters, reading rooms, word games, quiz shows, face painting, birthday cake and so much more. It was all free! The kids were in heaven. It is something I look forward to doing next year! *and yes, I am on crutches. My knee is not doing too well and I was told to use the crutches when I go out of the house. Fun stuff! I see the surgon again on Monday. I will keep you all posted!

A tutu for Kenise

My friend Chrisy and her one year old daughter arrived on the 20th. That just happened to be Kensie's birthday. I made her a tutu. It turned out so darling! She looks like a princess! She is such a doll and I love having her around. She really helps with my baby hunger!

My New Toy

Lookie what I found in the classifieds for 79 dollars! I was so thrilled! It even works great! They lady who was selling it was sick of having to thread it (sergers are not the easiest things to thread, but they work great!) so she was selling to get rid of it. I can not wait to really start using it! I have only played with it but I have a whole list of projects I am just ready to jump on!

Guess Who???

Guess who is back online? My wonderful husband and our friend worked for two evening and got my computer back up and working better than ever! Thanks Jake and Robert!!
I am so excited to be able to post photos! Here are some of my favorites!

We had a beautiful spring day last week and I let the children run free. I was enjoying the break and was thinking to myself, this is so nice, the kids are out playing, I am getting much needed house work done and in a minute I can call them in and we can have dinner. Right! Warren came knocking on the back door and I found him like this!
He is such a little stinker! He just came up to me like nothing was wrong! At first I found myself getting mad. I stopped myself and started to laugh. What a fun moment this would turn out to be! I remember doing this as a child and my mom laughing at how cute I was, I was going to do the same thing and have my children have a fun memory. I called for the other two to come to the door and get a picture. They were more than happy to oblige.

I followed them out to the yard to see the "Chocolate factory" They had found our sled with melted snow. Kids don't need much to entertain themselves! I was just happy that they had spend close to an hour playing so well with each other and not a single fight!

The stressful part came when I realized that I had physical therapy and there were in this condition. Jake usually comes home by this time but with his new job, he is staying late. I had the kids quickly strip down buck naked on our porch, (Phoebe was mortified, Kimball thought it was funny and Warren tired running around the yard naked!) and jump in the tub. My dear, wonderful friend ended doing the bathing because I had to go. I owe her big time! When I go home there were sparkling clean and Phoebe even had her hair french braided! That you Christy! I am even happy to report I was able to get all the mud out of all the clothes! Thanks mom for teaching me great tricks!
Over all I am very glad that we had the memory, even with the stress. I still look at the photos and laugh. Kids are the greatest!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Computer drama

My computer is continuing to have issues. The laptop is freaking out too. But never you fear, parts have been ordered for both of the computers and will arrive this week. Until then I am on limited computer time! *sniff, sniff* More updates later!